Kerrigan Aggregate

Aggregate Process

Kerrigan Quarries produce and deliver an extensive range of aggregate products suitable for use in a wide variety of construction projects from major civil engineering works to domestic projects. The range of aggregate products available include:



  • 6" crusher run
  • 3" crusher run
  • 6" clean stone
  • 3" clean stone
  • 2" clean stone
  • Clause 804
  • 30 mm limestone chip
  • 20 mm limestone chip
  • 10 mm limestone chip
  • Dust
  • 6mm pipe bedding
  • washed concreting sand
  • washed plastering sand
  • washed building sand

Kerrigan Quarries also supply a range of washed sandstone chips. This range of chips is most commonly used in gardening and landscaping applications.

Loading Shovel

The range includes:

  • 30mm sandstone chip
  • 20mm sandstone chip
  • 14 mm sandstone chip
  • 10mm sandstone chip


Kerrigan Quarries provide a reliable delivery service for the aggregate range of products. The company operates a fleet of 13 tipper trucks which vary in size to suit the needs of the customer. Kerrigan Quarries operates a modern well maintained fleet in order to provide reliability of service.

A large range of Kerrigan Quarries aggregate products are also available for delivery in pre-filled one ton bags. These bags are available for collection or delivery.

Kerrigan Lorry

The range of products available in the one ton bags include:

  • 30 mm limestone chip
  • 20 mm limestone chip
  • 10 mm limestone chip
  • Clause 804
  • Dust
  • 6 mm pipe bedding
  • 30 mm sand stone chipping
  • 20 mm sand stone chipping
  • 14 mm sand stone chipping
  • 10mm sand stone chipping
  • Concreting sand
  • Building sand
  • Plastering sand